Monday, 30 May 2016

Important Features of ASP.NET Web Portal Development

If you have a business and looking for web presence of your business worldwide then a website is one of the best options for you. A website is very useful for a business in present time. You may need a website/ application to pace up the expansion of the enterprise and its penetration into new markets and locations. You can get a lot of Internet software development and website development companies accessible that offer you consulting, server administration, integration, development, design, upgrades and maintenance of one's web apps.

Web portal development also has taken off in a big turn with most companies outsourcing their website development, design and maintenance work to India. The availability of highly skilled content writers, developers and designers talent has helped immensely in the growth of e commerce web development in India. Firms find it not only cost effective to outsource but they also discover that Indian web designing firms deliver a higher quality of output at low prices.

Users are the unchallenged kings of the business world. Every business activity revolves around satisfying the needs of consumers in the best way. Probably that is why, while creating a business-to-consumer websites, special care is required. Business-to-consumer web portals are online storefront that indicates completely the needs and requirements of the buyers hailing from various parts of the world.

A web portal is a website that acts as a single source for all information on a specific domain around the world. A good web portal offers the user a broad collection of information, arranged in a way that is most convenient for the user to browse. When designed, implemented and maintained in a good way a web portal becomes the starting or entry point of a web user introducing him into various information, resources and other sites in the internet.

A Portals offer the way for enterprises and business firms to supply a consistence look and feel with access management and procedures for many applications and databases, which otherwise would have been different Internet entities in a lot of URLs. Let us take the example of an online travel portal. This portal or web application is linked with an API through the GDS (global database system) to get the online inventory for the tickets of different things like hotels, airlines, buses, travel packages, cars etc. They are highly safe as payment gateway is also integrated to make online payments through debit or credit cards.

Important aspects of ASP.NET •

ASP.NET requires less coding therefore you can be able to produce a web portal like massive application within less time. •

ASP.NET has .NET framework support that provides strong design and architecture for web portal development. •

You cannot rely on one language support once you produce a large application or set of applications like enterprise portal. It is important that you can use multi language and .NET framework provides support for multiple languages a platform for it. •

.NET framework offers method level security therefore operating for web portal can prove a secure expertise for ASP.NET based mostly application. •

.NET framework makes easy the development effort by separating application logic from presentation logic. It makes easier to keep up the codes and manage.

Therefore, a web portal is a dynamic web application, which can be developed better with the help of this programming technology.

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